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Levitating Mood Ball

Levitating Mood Ball

Item# levitating-mood-ball

This item is currently out of stock!

The Levitating Mood Ball Will Transfix Your Guests In Curiosity

Donít rub your eyes, you are not seeing things, itís not an optical illusion itís an actual Levitating Mood Ball.

No itís not magic, its science at work... yes thatís correct, and itís all in the name of physics!

Although itís not the worlds favorite subject, it does have some very interesting concepts and thanks to the phenomenal discovery of electromagnets by William Sturgeon we can bring you this incredible piece of engineering and a object of wonderment.

Watch is amazement as the science of electromagnets brings you not one but two tricks of magic!!

Firstly the levitating ball held in place and continuously rotated above the platform and if that was not enough be amazed as the levitating ball illuminates with no physical connection to a power source.

With its continual and blending of colors and continual rotating motion this is ideal way to create a brilliant ambiance in any room, whether you want to relax, have a romantic night in or gather your thoughts its fantastic for all situations. It makes a perfect accompaniment for any office desk, living room or a bedroom.

Want to make something else levitate, no problem !!

Just use the provided magnet and the platform will levitate any object up to the weight of 400grams, it may take a while to successfully balance the object above the platform, but once you do sit back and enjoy this magnificent ornament.

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Levitating mood ball in 3 colors

Levitating Mood Ball Features

  • Electromagnetic platform enables objects to seemingly hover in mid-air
  • Color-changing mood ball floats like magic
  • Can levitate any other object up to 1lb (approx 400g) in weight on the magnetic platform provided
  • The illumination of the mood ball is powered entirely by the electromagnetic platform
  • An eye-catching way to create an atmosphere
  • Mains powered base