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GSM Multimedia Phone Watch (With Bluetooth Earpiece)

GSM Multimedia Phone Watch (With Bluetooth Earpiece)

Item# GSM-multimedia-watch-phone

This item is currently out of stock!

It’s time to 007 your communication with the the GSM Multimedia Phone Watch

We don’t have a colony on the moon, there aren’t any giant robots running amok and nobody’s got a real laser gun yet. Face it: the twenty first century has ripped us off. But all hope is not lost. Two-way wrist communication is finally here.

The GSM Multimedia Phone Watch lets you talk to your peeps just like Dick Tracy, Jonny Quest, Michael Knight, and Inspector Gadget. It seems like everyone and their mother had these things back in the day. With so many beloved tv and comic characters sporting these devices you’d think building one for the public would have been a no brainer. Like, why didn’t we have this ten years ago? Well now at long last you can talk to your watch and have it talk back. But that’s not all! The Multimedia Phone Watch comes equipped with a camera, music and video capacities, Blue Tooth handless compatibility and more!

The GSM Multimedia Phone Watch's caller ID lets you Check out who’s calling or texting at a glance of your wrist. You can also transfer images through the included USB cable from your computer. Just insert a SIM card into the GSM Multimedia Phone Watch and go!

There’s even a handsome remote control that looks suspiciously like an MP3 player. Why does a watch phone need a remote? It’s probably because people with one arm are going to have trouble answering this thing. Or it’s for the Blue Tooth head set that’s included. One of the two.

The high tech wizardry predicted by cartoons of the 1970’s has finally arrived with the GSM Multimedia Phone Watch!

On a Daft Note:
-GSM stands for Global System for Mobile.
-There are five different cell sizes in a GSM network macro, micro, pico, femto and umbrella cells.

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gsm multi media watch phone with blue tooth headset

GSM Multimedia Watch Phone:

  • Dual Band – GSM900 / GSM1800 Sim Free
  • Bluetooth Stereo Music Headset included
  • Bluetooth Headset included
  • 2 batteries Lithium Ion Batteries included
  • MP3 functionality
  • 4 Days Standby Time
  • 12 hours talk time
  • Clever Stylus in the strap

GSM Multimedia Phone Watch Physical factors:

  • Phone dimension - About 41mmx16.9mm
  • Antenna - Embedded antenna
  • Weight - about 55g
  • Standby time - about 120 hour
  • Talk time - about 1.8 hour
  • standby current - about 1.7mA(CMU200、Multiframe=9)
  • Melody - 64 tone MIDI,Support MP3
  • Menu Language - Chinese, English, Germany, French, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Italian, Thailand, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, Poland, Vietnam,

GSM Multimedia Phone Watch System

  • Band - GSM850/PCS1900O,GSM1800/DCS1900
  • GPRS - Support
  • Decode - EFR/FR
  • BB Chip - MTK 6226

GSM Multimedia Phone Watch Display

Main LCM
  • Resolution - 128*160
  • Type - TFT
  • Number of colors - 260k colors
  • Size - 1.3"
  • LCM LED - White color
  • Touch panel - YES
Sub LCM:
  • Resolution - N/A
  • Type - N/A
  • Number of colors - N/A
  • Size - N/A
  • LCM LED - N/A
  • Touch panel - NA
  • Direction key - N/A
  • Soft key - N/A
  • Side key - YES
  • Keypad LED - N/A
HW factors: mBOM Parts
  • Speaker & Receiver - Dia 15mm*wide 10mm*height 4mm
  • Mic - Dia4*2.5mm
  • CCM - NA
  • Ear jack conn -10 PIN USB conn.
  • SIM conn - 11.1mm*7.6mm*1.2mm
  • System conn - 10 PIN USB conn.
  • Bluetooth Earphone - Support
  • Battery - 30mm*40mm*5.5mm
  • Battery conn - 4 PINs, SMT
  • SRAM 32 Mbits
  • NOR flash - 128 Mbits
  • NAND flah - 128M
  • Reserve for End user(T-FLASH)- N/A
  • External storage - N/A
SW factors Basic:
  • Phone book Support
  • Messages - Support
  • Call History - Support
  • Setting - Support
  • Multimedia - Support
  • Fun&Games - Support
  • Organizer - Support
  • User Profiles - Support
  • Services - Support
  • GPRS - Support
  • SMS - Support
  • Bluetooth - Support
  • WAP -Support
Packaging & Contents: # 1 x GSM Watch # Stylus # USB Data Cable # Headphones # Bluetooth Headset # Instruction Manual # CD