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Electronic Bug Zapper - Shocks Bugs into Oblivion

Electronic Bug Zapper - Shocks Bugs into Oblivion

Item# electronic-bug-zapper--shocks-bugs-into-oblivion

This item is currently out of stock!

No, The Electronic Bug Zapper isn't for playing badminton with fire flies.

This patented triple layered electric bug swatter kills/electrocutes/immolates/fries/detonates/vaporizes all flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, gnats and spiders on contact (not that spiders are flying insects but sometimes they jump at you and you’ve got to be ready). And though not explicitly designed for reptiles or amphibians we’re pretty sure this Thor like badminton racket will take care of just about any pest you can swat.

It has a safety switch and 2 insulation outer layers for your protection (but you can probably snip those off if they get in your way). You can take it camping, to BBQ’s, the beach, fishing or anywhere that insects or annoying pets and children abound.

THIS IS NOT A TOY (by which we mean don’t give it to the kids cuz they’ll just zap their sisters and then you’ll have a bunch of really angry mothers after you)! The output power is relatively low (two aa batteries), constituting no major hazard to humans or pets at all (which really just sounds like an invitation to misuse these things).

The Touchless Power Bug Swatter emits no smell and uses no poisonous or harmful material…other than a field of electricity strong enough to nuke insects into vapor. It's safe for indoor or outdoor use and is the most effective, convenient and hygienic way to terminate insects. And come on, who doesn’t want to beat down swarms of bugs with electrified tennis racquets? It leaves no smudge, smear or mess to clean up after. No splats or smears on your clean walls, windows, lighting fixtures, and furniture.

Know why? Because it friggin atomizes insects! Boom!

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Electronic Bug Zapper Features include:

  • Model: Triple layered net
  • Protection safety switch
  • Uses 2 AA-sized batteries (not included)
  • 100% environmentally friendly
  • No dangerous chemicals
  • Indoor or outdoor use
Zapper measures 18.125 x 7.125 x 1.375 inches Hit area measures 6.5 x 7.625 inches