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Crazy Monkey

Crazy Monkey

Item# crazy-monkey

This item is currently out of stock!

This is the loudest most annoying stuffed monkey ever!

Don’t take his banana away. Seriously, don’t do it. He totally trips out. The Crazy Monkey trembles, screams, whines and pretty much just throws a huge tantrum. So yes, it’s almost exactly like having kids.

Give it to your teenager and explain that this is what it would be like to raise a child. This flailing, screaming monkey is a great way to keep your teens celibate. It also makes a great gift for people you don’t really like. Need an excuse to torment your girlfriends Pomeranian?

Wanna freak out the nurses in the maternity ward of the local hospital? Looking for a novel way to torment prisoners of war? Or maybe you just want to jar your significant other awake in the most unpleasant way possible because you’re mean. The Crazy Monkey can handle all of these jobs and more!

Makes a great toy for hateful children who like to watch others cry. But whatever you do don’t loose the banana. You’ll have to behead the thing to shut it up. The Crazy Monkey comes with a banana, a spoon, freaky budging eyes and all the charm of a two year old who’s balloon just burst.

The Crazy Monkey is hours of screeching, wailing

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Crazy monkey with banana stuffed animal

Crazy Monkey Features:

  • Shouts and screams
  • Throws a tantrum
  • Hours of fun

Crazy Monkey Specs:

Battery Requirements: 3xAA batteries