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Backwards Clock

Backwards Clock

Item# backwards-clock

This item is currently out of stock!

Turn back the hands of time (literally) with the Backwards Moving Clock!

That clock can’t be right, can it? Wait…why are the hands moving backwards? Oh My God! You’re a time traveler plunging through the past and if you accidentally kill your grandfather you’ll create a paradox that will rip the cosmos asunder! Either that or you’ve had waaay to much to drink (again). Or it could just be a Backwards Moving Clock. Buts that’s just crazy. Who would even sell something so strange and eccentric?, that’s who.

Does your day never seem to be full of enough hours? Do you like messing with your employees? Are you from Bizzaro world? Can you even tell time on one of those old face and hands clocks? Then you need the Backwards Moving Clock! While it looks like your stander office black and white-faced timepiece it is actually a counter clockwise clock. Makes a great excuse if you’re running late for work. “Sorry, my clock only runs backwards.” Amaze your friends, confuse your kids, frighten the dog and annoy your boss.

The Backwards Moving Clock is the perfect gift for that special quirky, eccentric friend. Flavor Flav would absolutely love it!

With the Backwards Moving Clock you’ve always got plenty of time!

On a Daft Note...

-Before clocks were established, the terms “sun wise” and “deiseil” were used in place of the contemporary term "clockwise"

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backwards clock

Backwards Clock Features:

  • Clock hands turn right-to left
  • Hour marker numbers reversed
  • Quartz clock
  • Adjust the time using dial on rear of battery case
Specs: Requires 1xAA battery (not included)