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Aqua Fire Quick Spray

Aqua Fire Quick Spray


This item is currently out of stock!

The Aqua Fire Quick Spray Lets You Soak in the Sun and Soak up the Fun!

Lets face it, killing your kids is frowned upon in most counties. But during the summer vacation and holidays they’re going to be home and as one of their parents its more than likely they’re going to try to wrestle that Playstation controller from you. What you need is some way to distract the crumb snatchers while offering them some wholesome, old-fashioned fun. And nothing screams good clean entertainment like simulated manslaughter with hydro powered firearms!

The Aqua Fire Quick Spray is a quality designed water cannon that will meet all of your water fight needs. The simple fill, pump and fire technology will insure that even your youngest, whiniest, most uncoordinated brat will be able to operate it. Get a couple of these and let the kids run wild with them.

You should probably make them play outside though, as most spouses get real particular about having cold water squirted all over them and the house. But maybe your spouse is awesomer than most. If you're not sure, you can try spraying them in the face to see how they react.

Its hours of entertainment for the whole family (don’t let the kids soak the couch as you may be sleeping there). But maybe you don’t have kids. The Aqua Fire Quick Spray is also an excellent way to torment your girlfriend’s cat that thinks you’re a scratching post. Or maybe you’re neighbors dog likes to leave presents on your yard. Because it fires safe, biodegradable water you can shoot just about anyone with it and not have to worry about being sued or imprisoned (although you can still be fired, but don’t let that stop you from bringing it to work).

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Aqua Fire Quick Spray

Aqua Fire Quick Spray Features

  • Water bottle has 930ml capacity
  • Pump to pressurize then pull the trigger
  • Firing range of approximately 9 meters
  • Hours of fun