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Alcohol Shot Gun

Alcohol Shot Gun

Item# alcohol-shot-gun

This item is currently out of stock!

The Alcohol Shot Gun Is The Fun New Way To Get Loaded

Know what goes together well? Alcohol and firearms. Why else would the government create the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms if not to support there combined use? (that’s our theory anyway). We're sure the boys at the ATF fully sanction the Alcohol Shot Gun. If we could somehow shoehorn tobacco in there, it would be the perfect weapon of mass delight.

The Alcohol Shot Gun is a toy pistol that you can load with your favorite alcoholic beverage and then take a shot of it…literally. It can be filled with up to 41ml (1 ˝ oz) of vodka, whiskey, gin, or liquid cheese, which can then be shot out at high speed directly into the drinker’s mouth…or all over them. It adds a completely new spin to that venerable pick up line ‘let me buy you a drink’. Yes, she might give you a quizzical look as you load and point the whisky pistol at her but I’m sure she’ll light up as soon as you squirt her with it. Or she’ll beat you stupid. Either way a good time will be had by all!

"The alcohol shot gun is a must have for parties, clubs, communion, off the wagon alcoholics, or people who just want to mess with prohibitionists"

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