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Parkflyers Tiger Moth Bi-Plane Micro 200 Class

Parkflyers Tiger Moth Bi-Plane Micro 200 Class

Item# DG-PF2500

This item is currently out of stock!

The Parkflyers Tiger Moth Bi-Plane Micro 200 Class can be regarded as a legend in the aviation history.

In the 20th century, most of the British and Commonwealth pilots were driving their first plane--which was the Tiger Moth in the blue sky. All the pilots admitted that this model has a very nice maneuverability and and was very easy to learn to fly on. Many pilots said that even though they closed their eyes during the flight, they still can control the model very well.

Today there are some seasoned pilots still like this model very much; meanwhile you also can see the model appear in some of the aviation museums worldwide.

This design lends it self to be a very easy to fly RC trainer.

Comes 100% Ready to fly with all the electronics installed from factory.

The Parkflyers Tiger Moth Bi-Plane has True Scale 100% Appearance

Our new Tiger Moth Bi-Plane retains that vintage classic look and has a startlingly realistic appearance, with perfect 100% scale details down to the wheels and wing struts.

The Parkflyers Tiger Moth Bi-Plane has Small 200 Class Size

Its ultra small 200 class size makes this easy to fly around in small fields. It also has ailerons built in for a tight turning radius that is beneficial in small confined flying areas. The Tiger Moth is also aerobatic and will add hours of dynamic flight.

The Parkflyers Tiger Moth Bi-Plane Durable & Modular Construction:

With the use of a durable material for the fuselage and main wings, it has the perfect characteristics for an RC trainer. A Modular frame design increases the torsional rigidity to eliminate any unwanted body flex. This results in pinpoint accurate flying traits.

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Parkflyers Tiger Moth Bi-Plane

Parkflyers Tiger Moth Bi-Plane Specifications

  • Wingspan:560mm/22in *
  • Length:495mm/19.5in *
  • Weight(With battery):245g/8.6 oz *
  • Thrust Ratio:0.6 * CG position:35% * Wing Area:13dm2
  • Wing load:18.8g/dm2 * Max Flying Time:10-15 Minutes
  • Configuration: * Radio System:2.4GHz - 4 Channel
  • Radio System * Motor:Outrunner micro brushless *
  • ESC:10Amp Brushless * Battery:420mAh,7.4V Li-po *
  • Sevro:3.6gram × 3pcs