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Parkflyers Jet Tiger Black Tail RTF RC Plane

Parkflyers Jet Tiger Black Tail RTF RC Plane

Item# Jump-Jet

This item is currently out of stock!

Enter The Jet Tiger - Top Gun Training School Wants You!

The Jet Tiger Ready To Fly electric ducted fan jet will out fly almost any R/C electric powered plane in its class. Able to reach speeds in excess of 70 mph out of the box with no modifications.

Powered by a 3600kv brushless motor and a super high rpm ducted fan system running on 11.1 volts of pure power. Uses built in elevon control to steer, roll, elevate and fly inverted.

Features a state of the art DSM 2.4 GHZ radio system for trouble free and long range reception. DSM radio systems are virtually bullet proof when it comes to radio interference and reception.

Included is a Li-poly automatic variable rate balancing peak charger with A/C adapter with built in failsafe charging technology for added safety. Included is an 1800 mah 11.1 volt Li-Poly battery with e-flite compatible balancing plug.

The Jet Tiger was designed with state of the art Cad Cam computer software for the most aerodynamically efficient rc jet design possible. Modular interlocking design allows easy access to all electronics and ducted fan unit for easy repairs and maintenance. The main fuselage canopy features a ONE twist release canopy bolt. A special EPP type foam construction allows for more durability than regular Styrofoam.

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RC Jump Jet Features:

  • 3600 kv Brushless Motor
  • Radio: 2.4GHz 4 Channel super-long range radio system included
  • Motor: 3600kv brushless
  • Servos: Two 9g sub-micro
  • Battery: 11.1 Volt 1800 Mah Lipoly Battery
  • Range: 4000 feet
  • Wingspan: 32.5"
  • Length: 28.5"
  • Weight: 22.7oz
  • Powerful EDF power system included
  • Flight battery and balance charger included
  • 30 Amp Brushless Speed Control
  • Pre-Painted with "Hot&Cool" Yellow Flame Graphics

What Do These RC Jet Features Mean?

Radio:DSM Stands for Digital Spectrum Modulation, the latest technology for radio control systems. A Globally Unique Identification Code (GUIC) is assigned to every radio transmitter when its made. The receiver is programmed to identify the unique code in what is called the 'binding process' essentially binding or locking the transmitter and receiver together when they turn on. This blocks out other codes or radio signals that could interfere with your aircraft causing it to crash. DSM technology also has a faster response time from the transmitter to the plane than PPM or PCM Radio systems, allowing for better control on 3D Acrobatics.

Motor: Brushless motors can be up to 300% more powerful than brushed motors since they work without friction, this means they last longer as well.

Kv Rating: Refers to Revolutions per Minute (RPM) per Volt, so the 3600Kv motor powered by the 11.1v Li-Poly battery (Li-Po) will yield 3600 x 11.1 = 39,960 RPM with no load

Li-Po: Stands for Lithium-ion Polymer (Li-Po) The newest major development in RC battery cell technology. Offering more power, and longer run times than NiCD and NiMH. Li-Po batteries have dramatically transformed the face of electric rc flight to the point where they are competing with Nitro fueled planes.

Lipo Balance An 11.1v Li-Po pack is made from three 3.7 v battery cells (3.7v x 3 = 11.1v). Keeping all 3 cells balanced and producing the same voltage not only protects your JumpJet from damage, it also provides for optimal performance.

Low Drag:Drag is the aerodynamic force that opposes an aircraft's motion through the air and acts in a direction that is opposite to the direction of the aircraft. So the lower the Drag the Better

EDF Stands for "Electric Ducted Fan" and is essentially a propeller that spins inside a tube (called an impeller) This creates a lot more thrust. The Jump Jet is one of the few "Ready to Fly" EDF Jets on the Market!

Control Surfaces:

The Four Primary controls of an airplane are:

  • Throttle (motor control, or speed control. Think of propeller)
  • Elevator (Hinged section of the back of the tail that move up and down, when they are up the nose goes up for climbing, when they are down the nose goes down for diving. This is known as the pitch altitude)
  • Ailerons (Hinged sections of the back of the Wing for rolling. One side goes up while the other side goes down, this causes the roll motion)
  • Rudder (The Tail's "FIN"). Used for steering, if the rudder turns left the plane foes right and vice versa)

These are collectively known as Control Surfaces, these are the same as those found on real airplanes and control the RC model in exactly the same way.

Elevons - When design prohibits elevators and ailerons to be used separately (like in the Jump Jet and other "Delta Wing Style" Fliers) a computer is used for control surface Mixing. When elevators and ailerons are combined together, or mixed, they become elevons.

The assembly is very quick. Simply screw in the fins with the supplied screws and screwdriver, glue the nose piece with the supplied epoxy, and press the tail cone in place after removing the backing from the pre-applied double-sided tape.

The main fuselage canopy features a single twist release canopy bolt.

The servos, control rods, and linkages are all pre-installed.


The Jump Jet comes with two bottom skids to help protect it on landings. Note the finger holes on the bottom for easy hand-launching.

The included 15-page manual covers everything from safety, assembly, charging, to plane and radio setup and troubleshooting. Additional manuals are included for more details on the 4-channel 2.4GHz radio system, the LiPo balancing charger, and USB cable instructions. A CD is also included that contains the R/C Flight Simulator Software and some flight educational movies.